Fixed Odds Betting - Improving customer experience, increasing returns to industry
Our new fixed odds betting (FOB) system will deliver an exciting world class betting experience for customers, and increased returns to industry

Very soon our punters will have access to fixed odds betting opportunities on tens of thousands of sporting events from around the world. We've partnered with OpenBet and Paddy Power Betfair - two of the world’s  best betting companies in the business - to build a fixed odds betting system that will attract and retain customers, and drive better returns to industr

The benefits of the FOB system include:

  • A modern, fast, intuitive, and easy to use website and app
  • An increase of $17 - $19 million in annualised profit
  • A modern technology infrastructure
  • Reduced system costs
  • Improved business stability and continuity
  • Over time we’ll add more exciting features and improvements to ensure our customers have access to the latest advances in betting technology and opportunities.

The new technology
The two key parts of the FOB technology are:

  • Fixed odds betting platform provided by OpenBet
  • Fixed odds pricing provided by PaddyPower Betfair

Fixed odds betting

  • It’s an exciting way for customers to experience sporting events
  • It’s the fastest growing form of betting on racing and sporting events around the world
  • In 2015/16, fixed odds turnover increased in New Zealand by 35.4%, with sports betting growing 37.2% and in-play options increasing by 65%.
  • Increased revenue will be a huge boost to racing and sporting codes throughout New Zealand.