New Zealand Racing Board (NZRB) Chair Glenda Hughes has today welcomed the findings of an off-shore betting working group announced by the Minister for Racing, Nathan Guy.

Speaking at the organisations’ Annual General Meeting in Petone today, Minister Guy outlined recommendations designed to combat the impact of off-shore betting on racing and sport.

These include the introduction of an offshore bookmaker fee and changes to the Racing Act designed to make NZRB more competitive.

It is estimated that New Zealanders spend with overseas agencies an estimated $58 million of gross betting revenue (turnover less dividends) from a total turnover of up to $518 million per year. Further, corporate bookmakers take an estimated $300 million of betting on New Zealand’s domestic racing product.

Hughes says offshore bookies are freeloading on quality New Zealand sport and racing products – they contribute nothing back to our domestic racing industry, they give nothing back to our local communities and pay nothing to the New Zealand Government.

“The purpose of NZRB is to ensure the benefits from betting go to funding sport and racing, but offshore bookmakers erode this return back to the community,” says Hughes.

“It is not just for the Government to act, the NZRB also needs to be more competitive, ensure that Kiwis can get the same level of service and product offerings as are available offshore,” says Hughes.

In 2013/14, NZRB contributed $47.5 million in duties, tax and levies to the Government.

NZRB CEO John Allen says the Governments recommendations are pleasing news for an industry that contributes $1.6 billion to the New Zealand economy and employs more than 17,...


New Zealand Racing Board Appoints Gary Woodham and Stephen Henry to Key General Manager Roles

The New Zealand Racing Board (NZRB) has announced the appointment of two experienced senior executives to its leadership team today.

Gary Woodham, most recently NZ Country Manager for technology firm Fronde, has been appointed General Manager Customer, and joins the business on Monday 3 August 2015.

Stephen Henry will be taking up the role of General Manager Services on Wednesday 12 August 2015, moving from his current role as Chief Operating Officer for Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“I am delighted to have secured two such highly talented individuals for these roles,” says NZRB Chief Executive, John Allen. “Stephen and Gary bring considerable skills, business acumen, and passion to our business, and will be key leaders in lifting NZRB’s performance, particularly in the areas of customer experience and leveraging commercial partnerships.”

The roles were both established as part of a recent restructure of NZRB’s top leadership team.

“Racing is a significant contributor to the New Zealand economy and we are operating in a rapidly changing market. To make sure that New Zealand continues to benefit from a high value industry we need to be in the best position to innovate and keep investing in racing and sport.

“I have put in place a new structure which makes sure we have the right specialist expertise and focus to deliver the best value for the industry,” says Mr Allen.

In his role as GM Customer, Mr Woodham will be focussed on leading the development of NZRB’s retail strategy as well as having accountability for the performance of customer segments, sales channels...